Sunday, 10 June 2012

Let the Taper Commence...

Today feels like a major battle won. For all those following the Fink training schedule or something similar then the last 3 weeks is the taper, the gradual decrease in training until race day, and that's where I'm at. My programme peaked at 20 hours this week and comes down to what seems like a breeze at 14.5 hours next. To put it into some sort of context that is the kind of amount I was doing 10 weeks ago around week 17. I'm delighted with my commitment and the amount of effort I've put in, since week 16, 12 weeks ago, I've only missed 2 training sessions. It's taken a large degree of effort and a huge amount of sacrifice but that's what it's all about. If you want something hard enough.

Now I'm under no illusion. Race day will be something else altogether. So far I've swam 1.9miles, I've ridden 100miles and I've ran 22miles. I've done as much as 7.5hours in a day. But July 1st will really be into the unknown, just to remind you I'm aiming to do 2.4miles swim, 112miles on the bike and 26.2 miles run all under 13hours.

Whilst doing this challenge to become an Outlaw I'm raising money for a great cause. The Karen Green Foundation is a new charity raising money for organisations and individuals researching, treating and fighting leukaemia and cancers of the blood. Please follow the link to there website on the right or if you like you can sponsor me via the link to my Just Giving page.

Thanks Matto_w xx  

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