Sunday, 22 January 2012

Man Down!

An eventful week this one. I've spent quite a bit of time asking myself why... Why do I do triathlon? Why do iron distance? Why am I so committed to my training schedule? Why? It was going to be the focus of my blog, but then last night I found an article by chance that answered it brilliantly. Read it here:

56 hours at work... 9 hours commuting... 11 hours training.

Tuesday started as it has been doing, an hour swim session before work, and I have been going for a run straight from work. Two reasons, 1. If I get home it takes a lot more motivating to get myself back out after a long day at work, and 2. I live in a little village by the Trent which doesn't have any street lights on the roads out. So imagine my disappointment when I realised I'd forgotten my shorts! I could have run in my leggins yes, but I didn't have pockets for my car keys and most importantly the iPod. So I decided to head home and run from there. I got back and got ready, and headed out... dark isn't the word. I couldn't even see my feet let alone where I was putting them. Stupid I know, but combine this with the fact I was listening to M83's album Before the Dawn Heals Us, I don''t mind telling you I was scared. The album is basically soundtrack music to horror films, check out the song I've loaded onto my You Tube player.

Wednesday is my usual 5.30 start with an hour bike/run transition before a 12 hour day at work. This week it wasn't my last. I had an 8pm appointment in Mansfield on Thursday so I decided to do another early morning turbo session. I rushed to swimming after work, and then on to my appointment, only to be left stood up in the rain... bloody idiot, a right royal waste of time that was.

Friday I was up early again, this time I was meeting a great friend for tea. A 01:15 run in the dark and cold listening to The National and Native. Definitely worth it though, I had a great home cooked meal and some great company for the evening, despite being out way past my bedtime.

I worked Saturday this week, and followed this with another 01:15 run, accompanied by My Vitriol and Pulled Apart By Horses, pretty standard although it was windy, a prelude to Sunday....

Sunday is Eakring bike ride day, something I always look forward to, I really enjoy the ride and the company of fellow Absolute Tri Club members. So why's the blog called "Man Down!" I hear you ask? Well it seems a week doesn't go by without me coming off in some way. Most comically not being able to un-clip, followed by a super slow-mo fall right into a puddle... smooth I know. So here I must add, I've only been cycle a few months, and it's my first experience in clipless pedals. So please excuse my inexperience... but also I've never really cycled in the wind, well nothing as windy as today anyway. I really didn't think the wind could fully take you off your bike! Well it can, especially when you're only 9st6lbs. I was at the rear of the group (luckily... otherwise I could have taken everyone with me!), a stern blustery side wind caught me just as a reach a gap in the hedge basically clearing me out. Not really sure what happened, but thanks to Maurice for straightening me back up. All this after only an hour. Thanks to Lisa too for keeping my spirits up over the next hour or so and giving me what tasted like the best Jaffa Cake half way around.

So that was my week, here's hoping this one is a little less eventful.

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ps Other than ruining my top and a few grazes I'm fine... a bruised ego definitely, but they always say pride comes before a fall.  

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