Sunday, 29 January 2012

Weight Watchers

Thankfully, after last week, it was an uneventful weeks training. Every fourth week in the Fink program is an easier week, it's been a nice week training. I did something for the first time too... I missed a session, my first one. Now this obviously could be seen as a bad thing, but frankly I'm quite relieved. I suffer missed session guilt, so not to stress about losing 1 hour feels good. I even restrained myself from going on the usual Sunday Eakring ride. I've mentioned before how much I enjoy it but they were scheduled for much longer than me. Now I know if I went along I'm unable to turn back and do a shorter session, so the only thing to do is not to go and go solo. Despite the cold it was a good ride.

This focus of this weeks blog is food. Now I'm not great at swimming, and I'm not great on the bike, but I'm frankly awful when it comes to eating, I can quiet literally take food or leave it. Following last weeks episode of being blown off and getting some stick for being a little lightweight I thought I'd reassure you that I'm (trying to) eating well. Every day at work I make time for breakfast, I have a midmorning snack, a sensible chicken/rice convenience lunch, and I have an afternoon small meal/snack. In the evening I've been alternating between fish and red meat. It's not something I've ever really talked about, but I'm self conscious about weight. I've always controlled my diet and have never been 10st. I'm happy to say I'm 9st8lbs at the moment, trying to eat well, I'm eating some greens (spinach) and trying to view food as fuel. So far so good. Anyone who wants to offer me a good meal, whether home cooked or a meal out please get in touch :-) Thanks to Helen and Paul for last nights tea too.

In unrelated news and to add to my busy life, my band (well 3/5 of us) got back into a practice room this afternoon. Man it felt good, we'll hopefully be releasing some new music in the forthcoming months... I'll keep you posted... Now back to triathlon...

On yesterdays run I listened to the Black Keys album Brothers, which is always a welcome companion. My friend Julo said to me this week that I use music to motivate and get me going, but to be honest it's more a reflection of mood. Tuesday I listened to one of my favourite albums from my student days, Reuben's Racecar is Racecar Backwards. It's a bit throw away but Fall of the Bastille is genuinely one of my favourite songs. I'm going to leave you with a line from it that I draw inspiration from...
If you say "nothing left to loose" 
Then you have not lost your voice 

Matto_out x

PS A quick shout out to Marco, my friend how has taken up fencing... he loves a minority sport :-)

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  1. music is always a big motivator for me. But then running to anything like punk kills me as i try and match the speed of the music